What a day

Spent the day at home. Adrienne is sick, and so are the boys (I need to get use to adding Olivia in to this group too). Now it looks like my sinus infection is back. Yuck. I thought about using the time to play around with MonoDevelop, but instead I ran around with the boys, and gave Adrienne a chance to just sleep.

We spent most of the weekend searching out humidifiers and hepa filters. The house has become so dusty. It is really affecting Andrew’s asthma and we are all feeling kind of blah. Hopefully we can get the dust out with new filters (hepa, vent, air return). The humidifier thing has turned out to be a mess. Adrienne bought a floor unit wal-mart. The boys just played with all the buttons and knobs. So we returned that one and bought a whole house unit from home depot. That would have worked out really nice, but there is just so little room to work with around the ac/heater/water heater. So we had return that one too. Adrienne went and bought a couple of tour units from target. Even worse. One was missing half of the stuff from the box, and the one that was complete leaked all over the floor. So those went back too. We ended up using the cool mist vaporizer. That seemed to work the best. Andrew and I had sinus drainage all night, but everyone else slept really well.