I love iFolder! I have instant access to all the files that I use on a regular basis, anywhere, anytime. I regularly use several different computers (lab, office, home) and those files are always there. A couple of weeks ago, I started thinking about those settings for applications that I use on a regular basis (eclipse, tomboy, firefox, gaim, etc.)…why not keep those files in iFolder too? So that is what I did, I copied over either specific files (my bookmarks from firefox), app files (gaim, tomboy) and source files (eclipse) into ifolder and then symlinked those directories and files. Now when I add a bookmark, have a conversation with someone, add a note, etc., I have it on all my computers. Jawaad asked about windows…what would I do if I needed to add a windows machine in to the mix. How do I get to those files since windows does not support simlinks? Well, some applications let you specify where these files are located, either through preferences/options or in the registry. Or most of the ones I am using are open-source, so I could modify the code to point to the iFolder directory. Not as simple as the linux solution but still possible. (I’ll have to try it.)

Now I am waiting for iFolder3, enterprise server edition. No longer tied to a single directory to store these files. (Not to say that the p2p version is not cool too. I am going to use that to share files with family and friends.)