Soccer – First Game of Spring Season

Soccer season is here again. Taylor and Andrew had their first game of the season this evening. What an improvement 6 months of growing up made. They both were more involved with the game. Andrew had an assist for a goal. Taylor made some good defensive plays. After Andrew’s assist, their coach went to give him a high five and Andrew went for a hug. Taylor didn’t think that he was doing well, but I explained to him that sometimes it is better to turn the ball over by kicking it out than to give the other team an easy opportunity to score. That made since to him and the light went off that he did play well stopping several opportunities for quick goals by the other team.</p> <div align="center">



Andrew had some of his funny moments. He started the game by ripping grass from the field and showering it down over his head. I know everyone has their pre-game rituals. Andrew’s is to become one with the field. He also has a tendency to run looking down at the ground (Funny that seems to be a habit I had when I started to play basketball in junior high.). At one point in the first half, the other team had the ball near the baseline and kicked the ball out for a goal kick. Andrew not looking up to see that play had stopped, or where he was, ran straight into the goal post with a nice thunk! Luckily he wasn’t running to fast. He just turned around and ran back down the field.