Change in hosting

Because of the move, we had to make a change in our ISP. Our old ISP is not yet to where we are in the subdivision. They are a block away. I had called to arrange the transfer of our service from the apartment to the new house, but was sadly informed that the service was not in our phase of the subdivision, and that they did not know when they would be there. I said, “There is a cable box sitting at the corner of our lot and you can’t run it from there to our house?” Nope. Grrrr! So we have moved to a wireless provider. (I refuse to use DSL.)</p> <p> The provider has excellent connectivity and a decent speed. But they don’t give static/routable addresses unless I fork over another 40 dollars. (40 because, I could get an address for 20 more, but at a lower speed.) Well that ain’t gonna happen. </p>

So I have moved the blog to blogger and the gallery to picasaweb. Both have the same URLs. Adrienne’s blog is down until she wants to put it back up. There is always her gross myspace account….

When circumstances change I’ll bring everything back up at home. Until then I’ll just have to live with this.