About Jared Ottley

My name is Jared Ottley. I am a Tech Lead Engineer and Salesforce SME at Alfresco Software. I started at Alfresco in 2007 as a Solutions Engineer. I’ve also worked as a Senior Consultant and an Integrations Engineer while at Alfresco.

I’ve worked with Alfresco customers not only in the US and Canada but also in Australia and Japan. As an Integration Engineer, I worked on integrations with Jive, Dropbox, Google Docs/Drive, and Salesforce.

I started the Alfresco PDF Toolkit project. I am the current maintainer of the Spring Social Salesforce project. You can find several other Alfresco Add-ons that I’ve developed under the Projects link above.

Before Alfresco, I worked as a QA Engineer at Novell. I worked on the OES Integration Test Team as the Linux Technical Lead, QA testing components, and features of Netware, OES 1 & 2 and SLES 10. I covered storage aspects of those products (Netware: Hardlinks, NFS APIs, Byte Range, and Cross-Protocol Byte Range Locks, OPLocks; OES Linux: NSS Hardlinks, NSS NFS APIs, NSS VFS, NSS xAttr; SLES10: Multipath and Storage Management). I also worked on install, configuration, virtualization with XEN, LUM (Linux User Management), Linux Platform Patching and Updates, and Dynamic Storage Technologies(Shadow Volumes).

Before Novell, I worked for the US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in several positions. At the Court of Appeals I helped to develop an Event Management web application (first in Cold Fusion then as a Struts application). I maintained applications written in several different languages. I worked the Help Desk providing hardware and desktop support for court users in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. I was the administrator of a small web hosting service for federal courts across the Central US.