Seed That Torrent

Recently, a fellow Novell employee pointed out that SLED was the most downloaded software torrent over at btjunkie. He attached the following screenshot.
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I thought I’d check out a few other sites. While SLED was not number one, or even in the top ten, several sites had either SLES or openSUSE in their top 10 (most often it was openSUSE). If you removed the pirated software from the lists, we typically came out number one or two.</p> <p> Which brings up the age old discussion of when companies start touting number of downloads, how accurate can these numbers really be? For open source software, torrents are legitimate sources of distribution. (Well, any form of p2p distribution is for that matter.) And it maybe more telling, in that this is people (ie users) sharing something with others. They see value in the product, because a/ they continue to seed and b/ there is obviously demand. Otherwise, why continue to share? Why continue to use the bandwidth.