TV Commercial Mind Melds

Just read this post by Ken Jennings. We are also suffering under the mind meld of tv commercials. We can’t seem to go to the store without hearing Taylor regurgitate word for word, some faulty reasoning as to why he needs a toy or food.

At first it was kind of funny. Now it is just scary. It makes me think of the recent news story (can’t find the link right now) that talked about limiting advertisements or banning advertisements on websites related to kids tv shows or something. I learned from the article that there are limits on the number and length of advertisements associated with programming focused at children.

I understand the need for the limits now. It can be very trying to reason (You ask “why are you trying to reason with a child?” Well because I think that they can understand sound logic.) with my kids over every toy or every food they want to buy. ( I found this article from the journal Pediatrics, which should make for fascinating reading on the topic.)