First SUSE 10 upgrade

Yesterday, I upgraded my laptop to SUSE 10. So far, so good. I did have to go hunting for rcd and its related accoutrement. I found it, but then was told today that I could have used the version built for 9.2. (or on the 9.3 cds) I know I could use apt or YAST repositories, but I am a fan of rcd and open-carpet. I have run into an issue with Eclipse. (Bug 106699). I haven’t had much time to look into it yet, but it was comforting that other people have the same problem….well sort of.

This will stop, momentarily, migrating my desktop at work (I like to use Eclipse for some of the things I do), but the servers (home and office) should be fair game.

Other things I noticed….

iFolder3 I had to reconfigure this. Not difficult, but annoying.

Evolution The launcher needed to be updated to use the right command. Also changed the icon, not a big deal, but I like the new look.

If I encounter others, I’ll let you know.