Andrew in school

Andrew’s transition into preschool has not been as easy as Taylor’s. (The first day of school Taylor just walked right in to class. No good-byes. No hugs. No tears.) Andrew has been very excited about going to school for sometime. And he is pretty willing to go to class. But once he walks through the door… he takes three steps in, stops cold and then proceeds to either hide is face in his hands or pull the hood of his sweatshirt over his face.

I usually drop him off first, walk Taylor to class and then return to check on Andrew…still in the same spot, as if frozen in time. This past Friday, he was thrown for a loop when he walked into his classroom to find a substitute teacher. Luckily it was Taylor’s teacher from last year. That helped raise his comfort level…a little.

On Monday, we were running a bit late. As we entered the school, Andrew saw his teacher at the door. He ran into his classroom. I thought, “Yes! It looks like things are changing.” I walked Taylor over to his class and then headed back over to Andrew’s to see how he was doing. And just like Lot’s wife, frozen three steps in.

I thought he had made a leap forward, but it was more like baby steps. It will just be one day at a time for him.