The Living Planet

This past Monday we went to the preview exhibit for the new “possible” aquarium in SLC, The Living Planet. It is a nice, small (10,000 sq ft) exhibit. It appears that this is mostly a fundraiser and market research. They want to know if it is, or will be, worth it to open an aquarium in Utah. I take it they don’t want to run into the problems that the Denver aquarium – the former, Ocean Journeydid.

Coming to Utah from a city that had a very nice aquarium, that we went to at least 4 times a year, it will be nice to have the aquarium here. Now we just need to take a look at the zoo. It is not the Audubon zoo, but it is a zoo.

Say what you will about Utah being more kid friendly than New Orleans, but they just can’t cut it when it comes to something like what Audubon Nature Institute has to offer.