Spent most of the day working on iSCSI. Trying to put the / device on a storage array over iSCSI. I can start to make it happen by loading the iscsi_tcp kernel module, starting the daemon, and discovering and logging into the target before moving too far into YaST. Entered a couple defects on the process, they are probably based more on my inexperience with this process, than anything actually being wrong.
For the last week I have been trying to work on being more effective with my time. It seems like I can accomplish a lot, but don’t seem to be spending my time very wisely. Read parts of the series “How I Work“. I first came across the series when I read this by Bill Gates. It is by far more useful than the others in the series. One common thread across them all was, that they started their days early (typically between 5 and 6). Hmmm, the question now is can I be discipled enough to continuously wake up that early?

Tonight was bath night. And someone was a little too excited about it.