Barack Obama

We are entering one of my favorite times of the year. Starting today, the Presidential Campaigns will be moving into higher gears. If we thought there was an onslaught before….just hold on to your britches.

This morning I was discussing my disappointment over the results of the elections here in Utah . While I am moderate to liberal in most of my views, I am for School Vouchers. There are just too many things wrong with the education system. That is why my kids go to a charter school with a more aggressive curriculum. My other disappointment was that my neighbor was unable to unseat any of the sitting incumbents in Springvile where I live.
Our discussion turned towards Presidential politics. I like Barack Obama. I like the message. I like the presentation. I like the regal view he has of politics and moving it above the partisan mess that is par for the course today. Will he get down and mean as things get tight? Maybe. But I hope not.

One of the things that I found interesting last night was that the Utah Colleges Exit Poll, found that in Salt Lake County, both Hillary and Barack polled better than Guilliani and Romney. (That makes me happy, because I am not a fan of either.)

We started to discuss Obama’s voting record. Voting history/Bill sponsorship is important to me, so I found a couple of links to that information. The last link is to one of my favorite sites, where you can track the money, which is probably even more important.