What the boys are saying

Kids can sometimes suprise you with what they remember from what they have learned or heard from you and others (TV, people you pass, school, etc.).

A couple of things the boys have said lately:

Andrew (2 yrs): Took Cameron and him to the 8th floor breakroom to look out the window. As he approached the window and got excited by the height, he said, “Whoa, I just pooped my pants!”

Taylor (3 yrs): Playing in the family room he exclaims to his brothers…”What the crap are you doing!?”

Taylor (3 yrs): Eating dinner at Pizza Hut…He points to something on his pizza and says…”What the hell is on my pizza!?” [Adrienne]: “What did you say?” [Taylor]: “Um..what is that on my pizza?”

Cameron (1 yr): Not so much what he says, but how he says it…Asking him to do something…”No!”