Utah makes me laugh

On Saturday, April 2nd, President Gordon B. Hinkley, (President and Prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) talked to the Priesthood holders of the Church about the evils of gambling. Telling the members of the church to stop gambling. No big deal. I have always believed that the Church has frowned upon gambling. And, I admit that I have been involved in a few friendly games of Texas Hold’em. We never bet on anything. So what makes me laugh about this? How about this…within a week of this talk, local government gets involved by enforcing an already existing law the outlaws gambling in the state.

Now, add to this…Target is now running a sale on all of its gaming supplies. 30 to 75% off. Now is the time to buy!

It is easy to see how non-members can easily become frustrated with the church and local government. It is pretty difficult to tell people that there exists a valid separation of Church and State in Utah.