I have a lot of thoughts on different things brewing in my head, but haven’t had much time to put fingers to keyboard to hash them out and post them. Hopefully, I’ll get a break tonight. Since there was such a good response to the last set of pictures I posted, thought I would add some more. Once again my dad sent me a nice collection of pictures from Lockheed. They came in a powerpoint file. I remembered reading from someone on Planet N that OpenOffice files were just zip files. So I converted the pps to an sxd and then unzipped the file. There, all nice in neat in a directory called pictures, were all the image files. Run them through a little bash/gimp script. A little clean up of the html. Voila! Enjoy.

10000000000002D00000021C19CADC77.jpg 10000000000002D00000021C3EEDE721.jpg 10000000000002D00000021C5460DD37.jpg 10000000000002D00000021C63F1CF29.jpg
10000000000002D00000021C6BBBC264.jpg 10000000000002D00000021C891252F8.jpg 10000000000002D00000021CA356C3E2.jpg 10000000000002D00000021CAE512407.jpg
10000000000002D00000021CB36BB3B2.jpg 10000000000002D00000021CB962DB1B.jpg 10000000000002D00000021CCD90B4A7.jpg 10000000000002D00000021CD1E1767D.jpg
10000000000002D00000021CE18A4581.jpg 10000000000002D00000021CF267E490.jpg 100000000000040000000300102CEE66.jpg 100000000000040000000300216B5FDF.jpg
10000000000004000000030027BB2F46.jpg 1000000000000400000003005E9F2442.jpg 10000000000004000000030081F24F57.jpg 1000000000000400000003009555CCCA.jpg
100000000000040000000300AD68DCE1.jpg 100000000000040000000300B1E5DEA6.jpg 100000000000040000000300B5BA8905.jpg 100000000000040000000300CEAB0C25.jpg
100000000000040000000300EFB6A247.jpg 100000000000040000000300F9313A38.jpg