Trouble in the Superdome

A reporter in the Superdome is reporting that there is water in the Superdome. Some water is making its way through the roof into the dome. (“Like in a sprinkling rain.” he just said.)

Several years ago, when they used the dome as a shelter, it became a disaster. They had people breaking into offices stealing things, they had people destroying furnishings. (“Now it is like a thunderstorm, just in this one area in the dome.”) So when they allowed people into the dome this time, they had the National Guard “policing” the people. They asked the people to bring about 5 days worth of food, most people brought none. (The dome is classified as a refugee not a shelter.) Watch for problems there.

UPDATE: There is a 3′ x 5′ hole in the Superdome roof. The pumps will be out until the rain stops. There is water coming in on the second floor of the Beau Rivage Casino on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. There are unconfirmed reports of 7 feet of water in Jefferson Parish (New Orleans Metro Area) andunconfirmedreports of water coming over the walls of the industrial canal which passes through New Orleans. Right now the brunt of the storm is being felt in Slidell, LA where my in-laws live and where I lived for close to twenty years. I really hope that things are going to be ok for them.

President W, that tax relief should be at the pump.