Things that must go

The morning show I listen to has a weekly segment called “Things that must go.” In it, the hosts, read lists of either theirs or listeners observations of things that they find just plain annoying, frustrating or the observed idiotic behavior of others.

To continue in that tradition:

Two of my kids go to preschool a few days a week. The preschool is located in a complex with several businesses. The access is constrained because of its location. Compound that by the number of people dropping of their kids for school and people coming to work or going to the businesses at the same time.

At the beginning of every “semester”, the school sends home with every child a diagram of how the parents should drive in and out and where to park when dropping off or picking up their children. But inevitably there is a handful of parents who do not heed the directions. This is really a problem because the ways in and out are pretty much a one way road, with room for only one car. So most of us are stuck on busy roads waiting for the morons, who are too good to follow directions, to get out of the way.

Just as bad as waiting for them to clear out of the entrances and exits are when they park against a wall that is directly behind the parking spots. When they park against the wall, they reduce drastically the amount of room those of us who actually can follow directions have to exit the parking spots.

So for this post my thing that must go, are people who can’t follow directions that are written to make their lives easier and safer.

It is a wonder that kids today don’t want to follow directions when their parents won’t even follow them.