The Weekend…

So the weekend was nice. Did a lot (well not really, it just seemed like it) of yard work, went to Jawaad’s for dinner Saturday, saw Beth and Ryan for a couple of minutes on Sunday (they just got back from Hawaii; they seemed rested and relaxed).

I am, of course, burnt from the yard work. I need to remember to wear a hat and/or sunscreen. My neck, scalp, and calves all feel tender from the burn. Set up a visit with the courts. It will be nice to see them for a bit (even if the place is run by mad men – I am thinking of wearing my green pants in to see the chief, he hates them with a passion and I love to annoy him). Jeff Woods is even coming over from his new job to have lunch with us.

Adrienne wanted to get a new Camcorder, so we went looking and found this:

Much nicer than our old Sony analog camera. Now I need to bust out all my old Abobe video editing software. And of course I couldn’t settle for just the camera, I had to get this as well:

Very simple transfer of our old home movies to DVD. And the quality made me happy. It can double as a dvd-burner for the pc. Now I can back up the gallery. While the ability to sync movies to dvds is nice, I am still going to go back in and create a better menu system (need to create real chapters and better navigation to the different movies).