Star Wars

Within about a week, we, as a family, saw all six Star Wars movies. Taylor had seen at least one of them (I think episode 2) on TV sometime back. He has seen the marketing, toys, games, etc. So we thought it might be fun to see them…all. So we rented the first two online through Blockbuster. We saw the third at the dollar theater. We then got episodes four and six from blockbuster (online) and five from a brick and mortar blockbuster. Let’s just say Taylor cried when Darth Vader/Anakin died.

Now we have a monster. Taylor is now an avid Star Wars fan. In his own words, “I am crazy about Star Wars!” He talks about it non stop. The other day we went to a toy store. When we got to the Star Wars section Taylor began to tell us which movies the characters were in. He described the scenes where some of the minor characters appeared.

My parents have a Star Wars picture book. When we last visited them in Colorado, Taylor spent a good deal of time looking at that book. He decided that since he didn’t have one he would make one. He now has a notebook full of characters from the Star Wars movies, the Clone Wars cartoons, even the Ewok movies. He has also introduced new characters, with names that he thought up.

At age 4, he has decided that he wants to be a Star Wars artist. He is well on his way to greatness.


While Taylor recognizes that the Jedi are the good guys, he says he would prefer to be a Sith Lord like Darth Vader.