Somethings must end

After nursing the transmission on my ’96 Saturn for nearly two years, we have decided that it is just not worth the expense to keep it going. So last night we donated the car to the Utah branch of the National MS Society. We had donated my previous car, an ’85 Accord, to Veterans of America. Sometimes it isn’t even worth it to try and trade the vehicle in. They are more valuable to these other organizations than to a dealership.

We have replaced the Saturn with a 2001 Chevy Malibu. 65000 miles. Excellent condition. I think that Adrienne has decided that she will drive it, instead of the Suburban, to school at night to save on gas. She test drove it when I got home from work. She said she didn’t like it. It was too low to the ground. It has been a while since she has driven a car. She has been driving a mini-van since right after Andrew got out of the hospital. (He spent the first six weeks of his life in two different hospitals.)

The car only has to get me the 12 miles from home to work and back. This car should work out just fine. (The drive from house to work in New Orleans was 33 miles. This is much nicer.)