So I am back

I have missed about a week worth of fun stuff happening at the Ottleys’. So I will try to remember what has happened. Well, Adrienne took pity on me and let me get a laptop. She is already complaining that I am spending more time on it then helping with anything else. (That is probably true, but I am making an effort to not get too distracted by it…honest I am…) Everyone is slowly getting over what ever illness they have. By some freak miracle Andrew did not get sick. I guess his little body just knows how to fight off things that the rest of us can’t.

This past Saturday, Adrienne and Olivia went to Amanda’s little party. So I took the boys for a drive around SLC. We went by the temple, the U, the Hogle Zoo, the This is the Place monument, went to get ice cream and to their favorite place…the airport. Andrew began screaming as we left, “Stop! Stop! We have to get on a horplane!” He was pretty upset when I told him that we couldn’t. That kid loves to fly.