Adrienne has taken over the duty of correcting my spelling and grammar. She kept complaining about it and I kept not doing much to fix it (even though I really should). So she “asked” to take care of it. Thank you for being so kind.

Last night was another long night. None of the boys wanted to go to sleep, even though they were extremely tired. Olivia didn’t want to sleep either. The boys eventually went to sleep. Cameron kept fighting it. Adrienne and I took turns trying to get them down. (I think she ended up getting them all to sleep.) I walked around with Olivia for quite a while. It is nice to have the md player now. I listened to Zwan. I had forgotten how much I liked this band.

So, Sony, I have a couple of requests for the MD player. Now, I know that some of the features I request are going to appear in some of the newer players and may exist in some “higher” end models. But I think that these should be standard:

  • MP3 format should be the default format. I know this is coming so I’ll leave it at that.
  • Linux supprt. This is a must have. There are a couple of OSS projects around netMD, but not with Hi-MD. It looks like a new project needs to be started, or you could provide us with a utility…
  • Back lit. This has been a major let down. It is pretty difficult to move through the playlist in the dark. I seem to be trying to do this a lot, since I am up late with Olivia.
  • USB 2.0. Now, with the Hi-MD format, you need this kind of speed to move the larger amounts of data.