School is Out!

Today was Taylor’s last day of school. Summer break is on and Adrienne has his schedule jam packed with activities. Sport Skills Camp. Swimming Lessons. Soccer Camp. (Andrew will also be going for swimming lesson.) I am looking forward to hockey lessons in the fall.

Since it was Taylor’s last day of school, they all came up to campus for lunch. Afterward we headed over to a canal that runs along the edge of the parking lot to feed the ducks. Andrew was bossing the ducks around. Cameron was afraid of them. Taylor went looking for the swans. We also saw catfish in the canal…crazy! Catfish in Utah! We need to get another digital camera. There are so many things that you could take pictures of around here, and I never have a camera!

The weather is starting to warm up. It is hard to believe there is still so much snow in the mountains right now. The reservoirs are full and there is still a lot of snow pack to melt. Can anyone spell flood season?