After reading this article about weblogs, I am kind of torn on the issue of rss. I find that it is extremely useful. I don’t have to go surfing the web to read the latest news from the sites I like. I can go one place and read it all. But once someone picks up the feed, what do they have the right to do with it? So I am thinking of removing it from my blog. At least for now….maybe….

The first example in the article is something that I thought a lot about before I started the blog. What information do I want to share and what can I share. Adrienne is kind of laying off blogging right now. She said,

“it seems a very conceited thing. like, oh, i am so interesting that people want to read this stuff.”</p> But it makes it so easy to share with others (family, friends, etc) what is going on. And there are things that I do not share, because I don’t know who is going to be reading this. There are also things that I just shouldn’t or can’t share.