Parker Forrest Ottley

Around Noon today (Sunday, Dec 2) I took Adrienne (34 almost 35 weeks pregnant) to the hospital with abdominal pain.

At about 1:35 pm she gave birth to Parker Forrest. We know that he is 6 lbs., but not his length yet.

First Mom: Adrienne’s uterus ruptured and her placenta and the baby had moved into her abdomen. Five minutes longer and I would be writing this as a single father of five. She lost about half of her blood volume. She is on her second transfusion and probably will need a couple more. She is in shock, and they are treating her accordingly, but is stabilizing.

Now Baby: The Doctor’s are saying that we should name the baby Lucky, because he really is lucky (read miracle) that he is with us. He is not out of the woods either. He will probably need a transfusion as well. He lost blood when he involuntarily moved from the uterus to the abdomen. He is being moved from the hospital where he was born to one where they can have him on a ventilator. We are not sure how long he will be there, but he will be there for at least a few days.

Me: It is starting to catch up to me. I am working with people to get some stability for the rest of the kids and for me. As things progress I will update you all. At some point I will get some decent pictures to put up for everyone to see.

Update: Parker Forrest Photo Gallery

Mom is doing well. Drowsy and sore, but her bleeding is down to what is to be expected.  Parker is at his new hospital.  He is breathing without a respirator.  He is doing quite well.  I am hoping they will both be home soon.