Parker: Day 2

Another good day.  It started a little off, Parker is severely anemic.  They want to avoid a transfusion, because of the complications that could accompany it.  Double this with Adrienne also being anemic.  She received another two units of blood.  That helped her perk right up.

Parker’s pediatrician thinks that he could be coming home soon.  He may be going under bilirubin lights tomorrow for a bit.  He is started to look a little jaundiced.  It is highly likely that he will be coming home this weekend.

Adrienne’s doctor discharged her tonight.  Now the tough part begins: getting her to stay off her feet.  We went straight from hospital a to hospital b to see Parker.  It was the first time she had a chance to hold him.  I thought I had taken a movie with the camera, but it doesn’t look like it saved it.  Adrienne was able to feed Parker.  He latched right on.  They were worried that he would not have developed his sucking reflex yet.  He ate for close to 20 minutes.  We will go back tomorrow a couple of times for feedings.  In the meantime Adrienne will continue to pump for him.

Cameron, Andrew and Olivia were still awake when we got home.  (Olivia keeps running into the bedroom to say “I love you mommy!”)  It will be a big surprise for Taylor and Sawyer tomorrow.

Adrienne just discovered two staples that were left in her.  We tried to remove one with tweezers, I was trying to convince her to let me use wire snips to pop the staple in order to pull them out.  She is not to keen on that idea.  One of the two is a lot tighter, so she just wants to go see her doctor tomorrow to have him remove them.  It’s too bad, I think it would be fun to pop them out with a pair of needle nose pliers and wire snips.