Parker: Day 1

It has been a great day for Parker (and Adrienne). Parker was taken off of the CPAP machine this morning. He is breathing on his own and doing well. He is eating (through a tube) and keeping it down. Tomorrow his pediatrician will take over his care from the neonatologist. I went up and spent some time with him this evening. He looks a lot like Cameron. He has spikey hair and lots of it. We finally have a length for him: 19 inches. If he went to term, he would have been out biggest baby. We are hoping that he will be home by the end of the week. I have updated the pictures on the gallery with ones I took this evening of him.

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Adrienne is also doing well. She got two more units of blood, but they took the IV out (of her right arm) after they finished. She is still getting liquids by IV (in her left arm). I took the kids up to see her today. They were all happy to see her and I know she loved the company. The doctor has put her on more pain medication. It is painful for her to move around. The doctor said that it could be months before she is fully recovered. He also indicated that if she continues her upward trend, the earliest she could be home would be Wednesday. It will be nice to have her home.