My Boy Jack

I keep meaning to post more on the things I read, listen to and watch.

I watched the dramatization of the play My Boy Jack by David Haig.  It is the beautifully told story of Rudyard Kipling and his son Jack.  Jack was extremely myopic, but wanted, like every other young man his age, to join the war effort.  Kipling did all he could to help Jack become an officer after Jack had failed to get in twice.  Jack was declared missing in the Battle of Loos. It was nearly two years before Jack was declared KIA.  It was after this that Kipling wrote the poem My Boy Jack.

My experience with Kipling and author authors of WW I literature goes back to working at the BYU Library.  I was asked by Librarian Robert Means to help create a web site to go along with an exhibit he was putting together as an Anthology of World War I Literature.  While the web site is nothing to yell home about (I was just learning),  the content is great.  I’d recommend anything found on the site.