Molly’s back

So I dropped off Molly (the dog) at the vets yesterday. Last round of shots for a year, and the inevitable spay. Adrienne went to the store later on to buy a bunch of stuff so Molly would be comfortable in the house. Adrienne said she started to cry when she thought about the fact that now Molly could never have puppies…what a sap….but then I started to think…maybe this is just a big conspiracy to rid the world of cats and dogs instead of being the responsible thing to do…maybe I am the sap!?

So Molly was pretty groggy when we picked her up. She has to stay in the house for at least a week. The first night went pretty well. She hasn’t had any accidents. She slept through the night. She lets us know when she wants to go out to do her business. She is staying in the kitchen and hasn’t torn anything up. What a good dog she is! I am sure that this is short lived and that she will be come a menace in the house, she is after all a dog.

Notable Quotes

I think I am going to add a section to the site where I can place quotes that I come across that I like. I have started to keep them on the white board in my office at work for now. The three that I have from the last couple of days are:

Fix the problem, not the blame. -Japanese Proverb

Most People think we are weird. That’s why we come here. -NYTimes article

We’ve gotten a little fat, a little dumb and a little lazy….Mmm. That sounds like the America I know. -Exchange between Thomas Friedman and Jon Stewart