Mississippi Gulf Coast

Now, I know that it has been raining for several days, but the beach on the Mississippi Gulf Coast is just gross. Trash everywhere. The plastic drink containers (the ones that hold six-packs together) where all over the place, just waiting for some poor bird to get stuck in, or to be washed out and have some fish get tangled up in them. I brought the camera, but didn’t take it out to the beach. Wish I would of, there was a lot to take pictures of. Garbage, dead manta rays, a man-o-war, etc.

We ended up going over to the wave pool at Buccaneer State Park. That was a lot of fun. Adrienne asked why we hadn’t gone when we lived in Louisiana. Probably because the kids didn’t like water. They all had a blast. They played in the shallow end of the wave pool and in the kid pool. I think Taylor and Andrew will be very excited to start their swim lessons later this summer.