Went to see Madagascar with the boys tonight. The animation was incredible (all done on Linux!). The movie over all was kind of so-so. The story was hokey. But it did start me thinking. There are lots of times when we are put into situations that are “unnatural” for us. Our behavior is contrary to what would be expected from us in a more common…natural environment. In the case of the movie, a zebra and a lion are friends in a zoo, but when placed in their natural environment, the wild, their behavior turns to what would be expected of them. The lion starts seeing the zebra as food not friend. I know there is probably some theory out there that explains this behavior. But it has me wondering, what situations I am in, or have been in, that have changed my behavior to something “unnatural” for me. I know I have been in situations where I have been ‘friends’ with or had to work with someone that I would not have been friends with or chosen to work with outside of the job/situation. But what others are there?