Long Weekend

We took off Thursday afternoon for Colorado to see my parents. The trip over was fairly easy. We took Molly with us. She was very well behaved. You wouldn’t have even known she was in the car….which reminds me… I didn’t blog about this earlier because we wanted to surprise my parents, but we bought a new car…well Suburban. We are quite happy with it. It was a very comfortable ride. And we made it all the way to Denver (Highlands Ranch) on a tank of gas with plenty left. True, it has a 31 gallon tank$$$ (you do the math).

We have the boys raising their hands above their heads every time we go through a tunnel. As we were approaching one tunnel, Andrew had his hands part way up and said, “Not yet…not yet…not yet…YET!” And stuck his hands straight up.

On Friday, we went to Tiny Town. The boys liked riding the train and playing on the playground. They liked some of houses, and Adrienne said she wants us to build one of these houses for Olivia for christmas….um, we’ll see….

Saturday we went to Pirate’s Cove in Englewood. It is amazing to think that it is owned and run by the city of Englewood. The place was packed and from what I heard we were there on a slow day.. The boys enjoyed the lazy river (You float in tubes around part of the part of the park). They have a large area of just kids pools and play sets. On the top of one the “forts” there is a large bucket that fills with water. As it gets close to being full, a bell starts to ring. And within a couple of minutes it dumps all the water down and on to the people below. They have several water guns on the forts that you can use to shoot water at people. I think that everyone really enjoyed themselves.

Sunday was a lazy day, church and hanging out with family. We walked down to the park in the green space by my parents house. It was nice to get out and just walk around and play with the boys.

Monday, the Fourth, we went to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. We went first to see the exhibit on Space. Taylor made a sundial. The boys played in an area where they had a mock up of some controls for a space ship. We also walked over to this area by the planetarium where they have this huge globe. I spent some time talking to the boys about the planet, about where we live and where some of the people we know live. We talked about the land masses and the underwater mountain ranges. We talked about orbiting the sun and the moon orbiting the earth. I had this realization that it is difficult to explain to the boys the idea of planets and “outer space”. When thinking about it, I found that it was hard to wrap my head around it. That night we went to a friend of my parents house to watch the fireworks from their backyard. It was amazing to see some of the fireworks around the valley. If we could have been up on their roof we could have seen fireworks from pretty much the entire valley. Next year we should be here in Utah, so I want to take the boys to the Stadium of Fire….or really just to one of the parks near the stadium so they can see the fireworks show.

On Tuesday, we decided to take our time getting back home. It was amazing to see how awful people drive on highway 6 in Utah. We had several people cut in right in front of us when they ran out of space as they tried to pass us and a long line of cars on a two lane highway.

All in all it was a good trip. It was nice to be able to spend time with my parents and not be overrun with other family members. (The house seems so small when everyone is there.) It is a good idea to have just family weekends.