Long night — long week

Last night was pretty long….and gross. The kids have all been getting some 24 hour bug. Last night was Taylor’s turn. He threw up several times. One of them while on the top bunk…that of course went all down the wall behind the bunk bed, hitting not just his bed but Andrew’s as well. Olivia didn’t make the night any easier. It seems she is cutting her second tooth in a week. Needless to say, no soccer for Taylor today. It has been a good week for him at this camp. He is starting to really enjoy these little week long sports camps. We need to take some time and play them with him outside of the camps, but life has been very busy lately.

This past week, I worked several 12 hour days and then was on the computer when I was home. Needless to say, Adrienne was quite unhappy. I don’t see why. This is the trade off…I have a fairly flexible schedule. I have been able to go in late if needed (Like today, I watched the kids this morning, while she got some sleep), I can leave early (Like I may do today, if the kids are still sick). So if there are times that I need to work longer…don’t complain! (Don’t forget being able to leave in the middle of the day to go to sports camp, Dr. appointment’s, etc. and not being docked anytime…like I was in the last job! At that job, if you were 15 minutes late, you lost a half an hour of vacation and were required to work that 15 minutes during your half hour lunch.)