Taylor has turned into a Star Wars fan. He watched episode two on tv last night and loved every minute of it. He has bought in the the marketing campaign. He thinks Darth Vader is the coolest. Yesterday he said:

Yoda can take food from people. (Pepsi commercial).</p> He has more or less memorized the book Rolie Polie Olie. He can recite verbatim pretty much the entire book. We checked it out from the library just over a week ago. The kid amazes me. Last week he started telling me about stuff that we did from like two years ago. He is only 4! He can carry on conversations about shows that we watch on TV. I was driving him to school one morning and we were listening to a report on NPR about something happening in India. The reporter was Indian. He says:
Dad, remember on that show last night that guy Bug {Crossing Jordan reference}. [He starts laughing - because Bug had said or done something funny on the show.]</p> Verbal clues! He picked up on verbal clues and drew ties between something he saw on TV and something he was listening to on the radio. Amazing


Andrew’s potty training is starting to hold. He stays dry through the night now. And is starting to prefer going in a bathroom, instead of in his underwear. He is also starting to go to sleep on his own. The last couple of nights when I put the boys down for bed, he has asked if he could lay down in the toddler bed instead of on the bunk bed with Cameron and me. Last night he comes into the bedroom and says that he needs help. I figure that he needs to go to the bathroom or wants to get into bed with Adrienne and me. No. I follow him into his room where he climbs back into the toddler bed and says:

I’m cold.</p> I put a blanket over him and he goes back to sleep. Big steps coming from the little guy. He will be ready to go to pre-school this fall if he keeps this up. (He can also recite parts of the book with Taylor.)


Cameron had a rough weekend. Asthma attack on Saturday. Adrienne took him to the ER late Saturday night, early Sunday morning. He now has a bunch of medicine for the nebulizer. He seemed to be doing a bit better Sunday night. His breathing wasn’t as rapid this morning, but you could still tell there was still some congestion and constriction. His vocabulary is growing quickly. Lots of new words everyday. And of course he wants to do whatever everyone else is doing. So he is trying to potty train himself.


Olivia has been affected by the pollen. No asthma attack, but she is puking a lot. She is getting herself up on her knees from laying flat on her belly. She can army crawl. She has also found her earings and is starting to play with them. She loves her brothers, and is always watching and smiling at them. Cameron makes her laugh. That makes us all laugh.

Once again, Adrienne is correcting every entry….stupid English major.