It’s fun to see the places your blog turns up in search engine results

I have this blog monitored through several different programs: Google Analytics, Feedburner, and WordPress Stats. Each of these have their own pluses and reasons why I use them. Probably the most interesting and most useful is the search terms used to find the blog or posts on the blog. It can help you refine information on your blog or make you laugh (I used to be on the first page for search results for George Shrinks because of this post).

One of the search terms that came up today through Feedburner was “jeos initramfs“. At first glance, I thought it was because of my post about building a virtual appliance, but as it turned out, they all went to my post about opportunities to help the Alfresco project by providing translations for other languages. The “jeos initramfs” information was actually for a tweet I posted on twitter.

What this provides me, is a place to start learning more of Search Engine Optimization (you can always learn a new skill) and reminds me I need to post the information that I learned when I ran into problems with jeos and initramfs.