It was a long weekend

Spent most of the day on Saturday cleaning out the basement. Needed to make more room to start working on finishing the basement. The space looks even bigger now that all the stuff was moved to the lower basement or thrown away. This week I plan on finishing the move of the dryer duct, and cut, cap and seal the drain pipes (3-4 on the floor, on in the ceiling). When I remove one of the pipes I need to get a reducer to replace the ‘t’ that is in the ceiling. The fourth on the floor is where a toilet was going to go. I need to figure out if they will have something big enough to fit that. (Lowes website has a much better selection, but I find that Home Depot‘s is easier to navigate.) Then I should be able to frame the wall behind the washer and dryer. When Dad comes next, I think we will work on adding in the plumbing for the wash sink. A lot of work left to go, but it will be nice for Adrienne to have a real nice, large laundry room / sewing / office / storage room. It will also get me that much closer to having my office done!