“I’m confused…”

Adrienne and I have just finished watching “Little Miss Sunshine“  (which we thought was a great movie…even though we could have done without the language).  The kids never really went to sleep.  They attempted to be quiet, even though it was obvious they were still up by the lights coming from the apartment living room. (More on why we are in an apartment later.)

We go out to see what they are doing and to put them back to bed.  (We had already put them to bed at least a dozen times.) It wasn’t surprising that they were still awake, as they had eaten ice cream cake a couple hours before.

Taylor was sitting on the couch with his pillow, blankets and a Ben 10 figure.  Andrew was standing at the kitchen table with more ice cream and proclaims, with a look of innocence, “‘Cause I’m sick”.  Cameron was eating grapes and had two new black eyes, thanks to Taylor.  Olivia was drinking a glass of milk, as was Molly.  Olivia had once again poured milk in Molly’s water dish.

Olivia turns to us and says “mmm, yum!”  We burst out laughing, not only for the comment, but because she is wearing one of the boys t-shirts and Taylor’s swim shorts.

Adrienne then comments, “They must be so confused, why they’re not getting in trouble.”  To which Olivia responded, “I’m so confused.” Which resulted in more laughter.

There is never a dull minute in our lives with 5 kids, 5 and under.

Some of you may be wondering where Sawyer was through all of this…asleep. At least we have one obedient child, even if he is only 11 months old.