Illness and School

It looks like Olivia is allergic to my parents dog Nikki. Within a couple of minutes into the house, Olivia’s nose turned red and she started to become feverish and produce lots of phlegm (which started her coughing). The Nurse Practitioner seems to agree. Olivia also has an ear infection.

Taylor had a fever last night and then started this horrible cough. They say that he has Croup.

So Olivia and Taylor are both on medication. Now, it is just question of when Cameron and Andrew will catch it.

I was happy to see Andrew has a friend at school. When I dropped him off this morning, he did the freeze thing again just inside the door. This time he pulled his school bag up in front of his face. Another little boy in the class saw him and yelled out, “Andrew O.!” (There are two Andrews in the class, Andrew O. and Andrew P.) He ran up to Andrew and lifted up the bottom of the bag. They both stood with the bag above their heads facing each other and started to talk. You always worry how your kids are going to do socially in school. It is always reassuring to see when they have friends…and aren’t as big a “loser” as you were in school.