I think you need a better content/campaign management tool

It has been just over 3 years since we left Louisiana.  We have registered to vote in Utah and all the others things that you do when you move from state to state.  We are now Utahns.  Albeit a Utah democrat and a Utah independent.  So what do I get in the mail today?  Campaign material for someone running for state senate in Louisiana.  I know I am just one person out of a large number on a mailing list, but the mailing list has my current address in Utah and not that of my first home in Utah, but of my second.  (And lets not forget, there was 7 months in an apartment in the middle of that.)  Throw in there the unknown number of people who have needed to relocate because of Katrina and you have a nice sum of valuable campaign funds that have been wasted on someone who probably wouldn’t have voted for you to begin with.