I feel like a part of me is missing….

I love my new job. I do. Moving from government work to the private sector was one of the best things I have ever done. But I miss my laptop. In my new job, I don’t have much need for a laptop to do what I do, but if I had a laptop…I could be that much more productive. My laptop was part of me. Everywhere I went, it went. Adrienne would often say that I cared more about the laptop than I did about the kids. Sorry, kids but… No, I love my kids. (Even if they spent 20 minutes last night telling me that they hate me and that they don’t like me, just because I want them to go to bed at a decent hour.)

With my laptop I worked all the time. If the kids wanted to play or watch a movie, I could sit there and watch them while I work. It is a bit harder now that I have just a desktop that is not in the room where all the action is. I would take my laptop with me to my in-laws, on vacation or to the library on story night. I had everything I needed on it: books, movies, music, documentation, IDEs, games.

So, if you have a laptop that is looking for a good home…
It doesn’t have to be new or the fastest. (A wireless card and a dvd/cd-rw would be nice.) I have a good, loving home for it. It would never want for anything.

I miss my laptop.