Hiking the Y

On Saturday, we attempted to hike to the ‘Y’ with the boys. {Short history here.}

We made it just about three-quarters of the way up. Taylor had the energy and strength to make it. He was determined to go all the way.

We have to go to the Y and then we can go down.</p> But the others either poured all the water they had to drink out or drank it. Andrew seemed to be on the verge of an asthma attack. So we turned around and went back. I think that we need to make a couple of short hikes to help build up the littler boys strength and stamina. But I won’t complain. They are just 4, almost 3 and almost 2.

Olivia was doing just fine. She was in the backpack carrier and sang the whole way up. Adrienne wanted the sun to go down, but we were still a good two hours away from sunset [we were there just after 7 pm]. And Molly kept pulling her way up. On the way back down she kept wanting to stop and lay in the shade.

This hike was different than the short one we took in Gatlinburg, TN. There, the trail wasn’t as steep and we had a canopy of trees to help keep us shaded from the sun. The trail to the Y is completely exposed and steeper. I think that we may try the trail to Stewart Falls next. It is more like the Gatlinburg trail. And probably more along the lines of what the younger boys can do.