First Person Shooter

My sons have fallen in love with PC Gaming.   (They play Wii and XBox, but not with the same obsession as PC based games.) They used to just play the flash based online games from websites they would visit (,, etc.)  Then their uncles introduced them to StarCraft and WarCraft.  And they are hooked.  One of the nice things is that I have been able to recycle some of my old games (RollerCoaster Tycoon, Sim City 3000, Nox).  It has been fun seeing them explore these new virtual worlds.  Taylor is super excited about the upcoming release of StarCraft 2 and dreams of one day working at Blizzard.  Andrew wants to be a game designer.  Everyother day they ask me how to write programs.  These conversations lead to discussions on basic algebra, physics and even Object Oriented Programing.  (Anyone interested in providing pre-release games for them to test or review?)

Today I thought that it would be fun to install one or two games on my machine for those times that I need at little escape.  Big mistake.  I installed a First Person Shooter (Return to Castle Wolfenstein) and within 5 minutes knew why I stopped playing.  I loved first person shooters.  I used to play network games with the guys I worked with at the Courts.  It was a great break from work and a fun team building exercise.  From time to time I would get a little motion sick.  But today I got very motion sick.  I am still suffering from a huge headache playing the game brought on.  The quick jolting motion just seemed to much for me.  Man I am getting old.  Maybe if I take some motion sickness pills next time…..