First Day of School

Today is Adrienne‘s first day back in school. This should prove to be exciting. Chemistry is twice a week and an online Biology class.

She took Cameron and Olivia to the doctor yesterday. I went down to the University Bookstore to return one textbook for her and get another. It appears that the professor for her biology class switched texts from what the bookstore had listed. So they didn’t have enough. Adrienne looked at buying it online at But it looks like it would just be easier for her to wait for the new text to come in on Friday and pick it up on Saturday. She has assignments due on Monday so it should be a fun weekend for all.

I took Taylor and Andrew up to the campus with me. They quite enjoyed themselves. They ran around the bookstore being little menaces and screamed when it was time to leave (at least Andrew did). Their school will start in the next couple of weeks. Andrew’s teacher called last night wanting to get more information about him. To see if he has any special needs or anything…So we let her know he is a bit high strung and can be a real bully. I guess it takes some a little longer to grow out of being preemie. But who wouldn’t love my precocious little monster! There is a lot of love and energy in that little kid.