Dress for Success…Blah, Blah, Blah


It is no secret to the people that know me (or see me) that I dress like a slob. Sometimes. (I hate the idea of appropriate clothing for an occasion so much, that I have been known to dress up to lounge about the house, and dress down to go out.) At my last job, we were required to wear button down shirts and ties. I disliked it so much, I gave up ironing. On rare occasions, I will admit, that I did break out the iron.

Since I was going to the MTC yesterday to see my brother-in-law off, I thought I would dress up a bit. Here, at my new job, they are a bit more “lax” about their dress code. I enjoy wearing shorts, a t-shirt and flip-flops. As I was dressing yesterday, it just felt so foreign and uncomfortable to be “dressing up” for work (The orientation is in the middle of the day). I kept thinking to myself, “How did I ever do this at the courts!? It is just not comfortable to be writing code with a tie on.”

Today of course, I wore shorts to work to rid myself of the ‘dirty feeing’ from yesterday. So, to all you people wearing ties while you are hacking away at some application….I am so sorry!!!