Back in the Big Easy (aka the Big Sleezey)

When we arrived, I was quite surprised by the lack of humidity (it is, however, raining now and expected to all week). I was quickly reacquainted to the bad driving. Within 10 minutes of being back on the road: I had a woman in front of me cross all four lanes of I-10 without signaling…or looking; there was an accident on the west bound side of the interstate which caused both sides (east and west) to be backed up for miles, because everyone wanted to see it; and there was someone trying to cross the interstate on foot in New Orleans East. I just need to see a puppy thrown out of a moving car, a lit cigarette thrown from a car to start a fire on the side of the road, and an accident on the twin span (which basically stops all traffic to the Northshore of Lake Pontchartrain) then I will have had the true New Orleans experience.