Back home

Glad to be back home. It was nice to see the in-laws, but better to be home. But it is not like I am going to get a chance to relax. I have at least a weeks work of work to catch up on. I missed the dogs spay appointment this morning (besides the fact that they forgot to tell me not to feed her the night before). Dad is in town to help with the basement, Beth and Ryan’s sealing (which of course means more time out of the office, which means, more catch up), and to look for property for when he retires. [Mom will show up on Wednesday.] So then you think it would slow down again. No! Parents leave Saturday morning and then mother and brother in-law show up Saturday afternoon. Brother-in-law Tristan is heading to the MTC. I need a vacation from life. Staying at work would probably suffice, since it is here that I usually forget about everything else.

When the basement is done, maybe I can lock myself in my new office. Oh, and I need to prepare sharing time for this Sunday. I think my life is going at the speed of frenzy at the moment. Soon it may change to chaos.