Another day…

So I finally finished the deck on Saturday. It is nice to have at least one of the many projects we have planned finished (Or, should I say started. At some point I will add the boys “tree house” to the deck [rock wall up from the deck to a platform that has a slide down] and then we will add sun room with a hot tub).

We had Amanda, Beth and Ryan over for dinner on Sunday. BBQ’ed out on the deck. It appears that we are missing a stopper on the lid of the BBQ. That would have approved circulation inside the BBQ while I was cooking. I will try to get one from Lowes when we go an exchange the track light we bought on Saturday (It was smaller than the ones we have, and the connector doesn’t work for our system.) I also need to get some stuff to clean the grill.

Also hung blinds in the kitchen. That finally covers the windows we want to have blinds on.