Search’d: How do I enable the Sharepoint Protocol

This is part of the Search’d series.  Topics are taken from Search Engine keyword searches.

This second post is coming a bit late, but it is finally here.  I’ve been getting ready for our World Wide Sales Kickoff. We will be kicking off our new fiscal year with great sessions for our worldwide group of partners. I’ll be presenting with two of my EMEA colleagues on Scaling Alfresco.  I’ve chosen to tackle scaling our WCM product.  It might even turn into some great information for a post or two here.

This weeks topic is one of the most popular searches that has lead to this blog: How do I enable the Sharepoint Protocol in Alfresco.  At the outset let me tell you: I’m not going to explain how to actually configure the Sharepoint Services in this post, rather I want to point you to resource that take you through all of the steps of enabling the Sharepoint Protocol in Alfresco and how to use it.  These are often over looked resources, but resources that can be really useful.

The first resource is the Installing and Configuring Alfresco Community Edition guide found on the Alfresco Community Download page (or on the Alfresco Content Community Site [registration required] in the Document Library under Documentation in the Installation and Configuration folder for your installed release of Alfresco Community.  This guide covers the basics of setting up and runningg Alfresco Community (It is also a preview of the documentation available as part of an Alfresco Enterprise Subscription in the Alfresco Network site [Alfresco Enterprise Subscription Required].)  You’ll find instructions for setting up and configuring Alfresco Sharepoint Services (on the server side) starting on the bottom of page 26.

The second resource covers using the Sharepoint Extension in Microsoft Office: Managing Alfresco Content from within MS Office Community Edition. (Requires Registration).  This is also found in the Alfresco Content Community Site [registration required] in the Document Library but in the Tutorials folder.

These documents as well as others for using Share, Web Content Management, Document Management and Records Management can be found in the Content Community Site. You’ll also find presentations from past Community Conferences, Case Studies, White Papers and Webinars.