Alfresco Office Add-in and Office 2007

Seeing some of the searches that had brought people to my post on Alfresco and Microsoft Office Integration, I thought I would add this little tidbit: The add-in was designed to work for Office 2003, but it can work with Office 2007 as well.

From the Alfresco Wiki:

Although the Alfresco Add-Ins have been designed with Microsoft Office 2003 in mind, they are compatible with Microsoft Office 2007, with the following caveats:

  • Before installing the Add-Ins, ensure the .NET Programmability Support option has been installed for each of the Office applications you are installing the add-ins for. Normally these will be Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
    • The options can be found by running the Office Setup program and expanding the list of available options for each application.
    • You may need your original Office 2007 install media in order to add these essential components.