Alfresco-Facebook Press

The press has been good.  Take a look at what they are saying:

Analyst Blog – Kyle McNabb @ Forresters :

“Alfresco, which continues to demonstrate a bit more edge thinking in the world of ECM than their commercial counterparts IBM, EMC, Oracle, and Open Text.”

FR – Toolinux:

Sweden – CIO:

Sweden – Computer Sweden:

The article opens with “In five years we’re going to try to remember what the world looked like before Alfresco took over”

UK -Techworld:

“Newton said that the company had had many conversations with Facebook in developing the integration and he had been told that there was no other company developing a business tool for Facebook … not yet anyway.”

UK – IT Week:

UK – PC Pro:

UK – ZDNet:,1000000121,39290851,00.htm